Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Below is an incomplete list of bourbons that are only available in Japan. The list concentrates on brands that were continuously produced and not limited edition or one-off bottlings.

Links to each bourbon reviewed are arranged by brand below. Within each brand, the various expressions are arranged, for the most part, by price.

Ancient Age
A.H. Hirsch
Evan Williams
Early Times
Four Roses
  • Four Roses Black Label
  • Four Roses Premium
I.W. Harper
  • I.W. Harper Gold Medal
  • I.W. Harper 12 Year
Old Ezra
  • Old Ezra 15
Olde St. Nick
Virgin Bourbon
  • Virgin Bourbon 10 Year
Wild Turkey
Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Yellow Rose of Texas 8 Year (Green Label)
  • Yellow Rose of Texas 12 Year (Brown Label)
  • Yellow Rose of Texas 15 Year (Red Label)

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